Artisan-Handcrafted, Copper Moscow Mule mugs

“You need true copper mugs to make the best  Moscow Mule. Your product is the answer.” 

It’s your kind words, like the ones above, that are constantly help us shape our products into exactly what YOU want.


” The set is gorgeous and comes perfectly packaged in a neat little box. I loved the more personal touches. It’s plain to see you get quality with this purchase. “

“Beautiful. Very well made. I was searching for copper cups that are copper inside and out. Need true copper cups to make the best Moscow Mule. Your product is the answer. Great price. “

“Use it every day. Love it.”


Inside your box, meticulously wrapped with care, you’ll receive:

• Two beautiful handcrafted, 100% copper handmade 16 OZ capacity Moscow Mule mugs. Each mug has been lovingly hand hammered, and finished to a majestic, mirror like sheen. The handle is welded, not riveted. Crafted by artisans. These mugs are unlined, no chemicals or lacquer have been used to treat them. A timeless, rustic design.

• One, bar spoon. An elegant twisted design, made to a length that works perfectly with both tall and short glasses, without becoming un-balanced.

Artisan-Handcrafted, Copper Straws set of 5, with included cleaning brush

“Excellent quality. Easy to maintain with included brush. Nice touch when drinking Moscow mules out of copper cups. Practical but oh so classy.”

“My husband loves these straws about as much as he loves a Moscow Mule. Love the packaging and cleaning brush too!”

“These are a great addition to our Moscow Mule drinking experience!”

“Great copper mugs, the straws are the greatest compliment! Love them!”

What you’ll receive in your package: 

  • A beautifully ornate kraft-paper storage sleeve – this thing has so much ornamental value on it’s own! It’s sure to catch some eyes if left out for decorative value around the home.
  • 5, 100% pure copper, hand crafted, brilliant finished copper straws. Get ready for the curious flood of conversation that’s coming your way, as soon as your friends and loved ones get their eyes on these!
  • A bristle headed cleaning brush, perfect for removing that stubborn unwanted residue inside the straws after use.